Abercrombie is the brand name of a clothing company for ladies and gentlemen, of American origin, which was founded in 1892, by David Abercrombie. In the beginning, the store was dedicated to the sale of items for excursions, camping, and weapons, reaching high profile clients such as Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy.

With the advertising slogan “A & F: a lifestyle” the brand has set the goal of creating clothing that reflects the attractions of American popular culture, so it is aimed at a young audience, between 18 and 22 years.

The brand’s garments are informal, high quality and they convey exclusivity. The lines are for ladies and gentlemen but also include sizes for children (Abercrombie Kids). Its products include Hollister CO (it’s the cheapest line of the brand, inspired by California), Gilly Hicks (which designs women’s underwear) and A & F Fragrances.

It owns more than 300 stores only in the United States, being the main one on Fifth Avenue of New York. Internationally, it is present in London, Milan, Tokyo, and Spain.

With more than 100 years in the market, the company has undergone some changes in terms of style. Conceived as an excursion and weapons store, in the beginning, the stores had a rather classic and serious aesthetic, similar to other brands such as Ralph Lauren. In the 90s, minimalism and white color prevailed to decorate interiors, so the store’s new concept revolutionized the retail world when, in 2005, the image that is known today was born, both in establishments and in retail stores.

The company is responsible for all aspects of the brand’s marketing and image, from the design and production of its products to the style of the stores and marketing.

A distinctive feature that imprinted personality to Abercrombie was its customer service strategy. This is based on ensuring that the consumer does not forget the shopping experience that he lives from entering the store until he leaves it with the product of his choice. To begin with, advertising outside the store is itself striking. The first thing you can see is the picture of some very attractive guy with a bare chest wearing Abercrombie clothes. Inside, the shops are dark, with dim lights, tall wardrobes, dance music in the background that sounds all the time at a good volume and also always smells of the company’s perfume (A & F Fragrances). To make matters worse, the sellers (called “brand representatives”) are young people who reflect the personality of Abercrombie & Fitch, that is, attractive and extroverted, who could easily be (or are) models, always willing to talk and of course, to take pictures. This is how the shopping experience is one of the fundamental bases for the success of sales, and this element has been maintained over the years.

To make sure you’re buying original products from this brand, follow the company’s recommendation and make your purchases directly at Abercrombie’s physical or online stores.