11 Degrees

11 Degrees

The definition of urban fashion refers to a style of clothing capable of resisting the demands of everyday life in the world today, it is about garments capable of providing comfort to anyone who uses them without sacrificing aesthetics and a vanguard style and that also resist the daily activities and the constant movement typical of urban life.

The urban design does not follow a certain pattern it is rather a combination of several designs that create unique and original styles and at the same time versatile and adaptable to all tastes.

Unlike other fashion trends, the urban style is not born from the pen of renowned fashion designers, but it originates in the street and it was the society itself that turned it into a trend and that today prevails over any other

11 Degrees is a high-end British fashion brand specializing in the creation of designs for urban male fashion was created in 2014 and since then has achieved a large number of followers and celebrities who prefer to create a street style avant-garde and exclusive.

At 11 Degrees we are proud to use the highest quality techniques to constantly promote an innovative design capable of meeting the needs of society.

11 Degrees puts at your disposal a wide range of products that without being ostentatious provide style and also provide the security of being able to adjust to the daily activities of today’s man, garments so versatile that they are suitable both for traveling by train or bus, and to attend local events always giving a casual and contemporary image.

Within the range of products of 11 Degrees, we can find a wide variety of tees, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, tracksuits, shirts, vests, jackets, swimsuits, underwear and various accessories. Each of the 11 Degrees garments is made with a careful selection of top quality materials that guarantee their functionality and durability as they are able to withstand the ravages of everyday life in city life with its rush and countless activities.

Whatever your lifestyle or your needs in our stock you can find everything you need to create your own style with all the versatility and functionality that modern life demands.

All the offerings offered by 11 Degrees are characterized by adapting to all tastes offering a wide range of colors and textures today and a great display of comfort that can accompany any style of man in his everyday life and before any occasion. Therefore, if you are a man and seek to renew or update your clothing search 11 Degrees is the perfect alternative to find everything you need for your new style with the best value for money. Do not forget to visit our online store where you can buy all the products of our selection in a comfortable and safe way.

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